Dubai Mainland: The Pinnacle Of Business Prosperity

The main business district of the city, Dubai Mainland, allows companies to operate freely and establish direct connections with the UAE market. Business Setup Guide Dubai is a top investment destination because of its top-notch infrastructure, recognizable landmarks, and pro-business atmosphere. It is overseen by the Department of Economy and Tourism (DET).

Getting the appropriate license is essential for companies wishing to open in the commercial, industrial, or professional sectors. HelixVision offers professional advice to guarantee compliance with DET laws. June 2021 saw a new reform by the UAE government that removed the requirement for a 51% Emirati interest, allowing foreign entrepreneurs to own 100% of their business. 


Your Business Setup Guide In Dubai Mainland


Understanding Business Licenses In Dubai Mainland

Tailored for consultants and service providers.

Designed for retailers and traders.

For manufactures transforming raw materials.

Ideal for businesses expanding their footprint in Dubai.

For foreign companies exploring the UAE market.

For enterprises seeking public investment.

Dubai Mainland: Where Business Aspirations Meet Reality

Harness the opportunities of the Dubai Mainland with our expertise. Navigate the intricacies of business setup and licensing effortlessly.

Dubai Mainland
A World of Possibility and Prosperity Awaits

With the exception of the Free Zones, the majority of Dubai is included in the Dubai Mainland, which serves as the city’s commercial hub. Businesses have the advantage of operating with few restrictions here, which enables them to interact directly with the thriving UAE market.

Governance & Infrastructure:

Dubai Mainland, which is overseen by the Department of Economy and Tourism (DET), provides a superior environment for both new and current firms. Dubai's well-known infrastructure, advantageous location on the globe map, and pro-business laws all contribute to this.

Licensing & Investment:

The Mainland of Dubai is known for its rich investment options. Businesses that are based on the Dubai Mainland are registered under the prestigious Dubai Mainland License with the Dubai Department of Economy and Tourism (DET).

Ownership Reforms:

Dubai's investment profile is further elevated by the historic decision made by the UAE Government in June 2021. Prior to this change, foreign business owners could only own up to 49% of the company, requiring 51% Emirati sponsorship.

Licensing Assistance:

Getting the appropriate license is essential for anyone considering business endeavors in Dubai Mainland's commercial, industrial, or professional sectors. HelixVision is prepared to help and can provide knowledgeable advice.


Benefits of Mainland Company Formation in Dubai

Except for the Free Zones, the majority of Dubai is included in the Dubai Mainland, which serves as the city’s commercial hub. Businesses have the advantage of operating with few restrictions here, which enables them to interact directly with the thriving UAE market. Company Formation in Dubai.

Zero Trade Restrictions and Freedom to Choose Your Location:

Operate Throughout the UAE: Mainland businesses have the freedom to operate anywhere in the UAE, giving them a tactical edge in a variety of marketplaces.
No Trade Barriers: There are no limitations on doing business with foreign markets or trading with other companies, providing smooth operations.
Flexibility in Office Space: Mainland businesses can choose to buy or rent office space in a variety of Dubai locales, from thriving business districts to more economical areas, to accommodate a range of needs and financial limitations.
Open several branches in the United Arab Emirates.

Access to Lucrative Government Contracts:

Qualification for Government Tenders: Mainland businesses can submit bids for government contracts, giving them access to some of the most lucrative commercial prospects in the area.
Strategic Alliances: Work with government agencies to match your goods and services with state policies and development projects.

Extensive Network and Business Linkages:

Company Relationships: Take advantage of one of the world's most dynamic company ecosystems by utilizing a rich network of suppliers, clients, and partners.
Global Reach: An advantageous position providing access to markets throughout the world, such as those in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

Access to Skilled Workforce and World-Class Infrastructure:

Talent Pool: The multicultural atmosphere of Dubai draws in top talent from around the world, giving access to knowledgeable experts in a range of sectors.
Modern Infrastructure: Take advantage of state-of-the-art facilities for communication, transportation, and technology.

You are investing in more than just a place when you choose Dubai Mainland for your company formation; you are also gaining access to a center of innovation, opportunity, and international connectivity.


Step-by-Step Guide to Mainland Business Setup in Dubai

Starting a business in Dubai, Mainland? Here’s a simple guide with clear steps, infused with essential keywords. Business setup process.

Choose Your Business Activity

Select from over 2000 permitted business activities listed by the Dubai Department of Economy and Tourism (DET). Mainland businesses have a wide range of options.

Register Your Company Name

Choose a company name that aligns with UAE naming guidelines. Your company name should reflect your brand identity and the business activity

Determine Your Business Legal Structure

Choose between various legal structures, such as a limited liability company (LLC) or a civil company.

Apply for Initial Approval

Begin the application process with the DET, ensuring you meet all the requirements for starting a Mainland business.

Find the Perfect Location

Identify the ideal location for your business in Dubai. Consider factors like accessibility, budget, and proximity to key business areas like Jebel Ali.

Obtain Third Party Approval

Secure necessary approvals from relevant authorities, as required for your specific business activity.

Execute Memorandum of Association (MOA)

Draft and sign the MOA, defining the relationship between shareholders and outlining key company details.

Apply for Final License Issuance

Complete the application for your Mainland Trade License with the DET, providing all required documents.

Apply for Immigration and Labor Cards

Secure these essential documents to facilitate employee visas and comply with UAE labor laws.

Apply for Relevant Visas

Secure the necessary visas for business owners, employees, and dependents as part of the Dubai Mainland business setup process.

Partner with a Company Setup Consultant

Collaborate with a UAE-based business consultant to navigate through Dubai Mainland's legal and formation process.

The Dubai Mainland business setup doesn’t need to be difficult. Your company can be up and running and in compliance with all Dubai and UAE requirements by adhering to these simple steps and collaborating with the appropriate partners. Consult local specialists for individualized support and professional advice.


Different Types of Business Licenses in Dubai Mainland

Get started with our professional consultation to ensure a smooth setup and compliance with UAE regulations. Business Licenses in Dubai.

Professional License

Who Needs It?
Ideal for consultants, artists, craftsmen, healthcare providers, and other service providers.

What's It For?
Certifies your professional expertise and allows you to provide services in Dubai Mainland.

Professional Trade Licenses are designed to cater to various professional needs and categories
General Professional License :
Suitable for a wide range of professional services without specific categorization.
Specialized Professional License:
For professions requiring specific certifications, accreditations, or regulatory oversight like healthcare establishments, educational institutes, etc.

Commercial Trade License: Open Doors for Traders

Who needs it?
Retailers, wholesalers, online merchants, and others engage in trade activities.

What's it for?
It enables you to buy and sell goods or services within the UAE.

Choose the commercial trade license specific to your trading activity, whether specialized trading activities or general trading.
General Professional License:
Suitable for a wide range of professional services without specific categorization.

Industrial License: Empower Manufacturers

Who Needs It?
Businesses involved in manufacturing or transforming raw materials into finished products.

What's It for?
Enables you to engage in the production, processing, fabrication, assembly, or transformation of goods within the UAE.
Regulatory Compliance: Meeting the UAE's legal requirements for industrial businesses.
Environmental Sustainability: Ensuring environmentally responsible manufacturing practices.

Depending on your specific industrial activities and requirements, different types of industrial trade licenses are available in the UAE:
General Manufacturing License: Suitable for various manufacturing activities without specific categorization.
Specialized Manufacturing License: For industries that require specific expertise, certifications, or adherence to unique standards.

Branch Offices: Expanding Your Footprint

Who needs it?
Foreign Companies: Companies outside the UAE planning to establish a presence in the UAE. Freezone Companies: Looking to expand operations into the Dubai Mainland.
Companies within the UAE: Seeking to open additional locations within Dubai Mainland in different locations.

What's It For?
Localized Operations: Serve local markets more efficiently and effectively. Compliance with Regulations: Adhere to local laws and trade regulations. Strategic Expansion: Target new customers and markets without a complete start-up.

Foreign Company Branch: Operates under the foreign company's name and follows UAE's legal compliances. Freezone Company Branch: Allows a company registered in a UAE Freezone to operate
Branch of Companies within UAE: Expansion of a local company into new areas within .

Representative Offices: Building Your Presence

Representative offices act as marketing and administrative extensions of the parent company, focusing on promotion rather than sales.

Who needs it?
Foreign Companies: Wishing to explore and understand the UAE market without full-scale operations

What's it for?
Market Research: Gather insights and information about the local market. Networking & Relationship Building: Forge connections with local businesses & customers.
Brand Promotion: Enhance brand visibility and awareness within the region.

Foreign Company Representative Office: A non-commercial entity that acts as a liaison office for the foreign parent company.

Public Shareholding Company: A Collaborative Enterprise

Public shareholding companies (PSC) are entities where the capital is divided into tradable shares.

Who Needs It?
Large Scale Operations: Suitable for companies looking to expand capital through public investment.

What's It For?
Capital Generation: Raise funds by selling shares to the public.
Corporate Governance & Transparency: Abide by strict regulations that enhance corporate accountability.
Market Engagement: Engage with a broader investor base and increase market visibility.

Starting a business in Dubai, Mainland is an exciting opportunity filled with potential. Understanding the licenses and complying with the legal requirements are essential steps toward success.


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