Employment Visa In The UAE

The UAE government issues an Employment Visa program, often known as a work permit, which permits foreign people to work in the UAE for an employer. Usually sponsored by the employer, it has a two-year expiration date and may be extended thereafter. For foreigners to live and work lawfully in the United Arab Emirates, they need this visa.

Your ticket to entering the UAE’s vibrant labor market and embarking on a fulfilling professional path is an employment visa.

Employment Visa Requirements

A valid job offer from a company registered in the UAE

A Valid passport with more than 6 months validity from the date of visa application.

Recent passport-sized  photographs as per the specified dimensions.

Attested educational certificates, if required for the job position.

Employment Visa Program Process in UAE

The Investor Visa and partner visa are specialized visa categories tailored for foreign entrepreneurs.  The Investor Visa is designed for entrepreneurs who either have existing investments in the UAE.
Job Offer and Contract Signing

The process begins with a formal job offer from a UAE employer. Once accepted, a labor contract is signed between both parties.

Work Permit Application

The employer applies for a work permit from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (applicable only for mainland companies)

Entry Permit

Upon approval of the work permit, the employer then applies for an entry permit, allowing the employee to enter the UAE.

Medical Examination

After arriving in the UAE, the employee must undergo a medical examination and obtain a medical fitness certificate

Emirates ID Application

The application must be filed for the Emirates ID, which serves as an official identification document in the UAE further to which fingerprint scanning appointment is scheduled

Residence Visa Issuance

Finally, the employee's residence visa is issued, marking the completion of the employment visa process.

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