Investor / Partner Visa In The UAE

Specialized visa categories designed specifically for international businesspeople include the Partner Visa and the Investor Visa Program. The Investor Visa is intended for business owners who currently own assets in the United Arab Emirates

This visa allows the holder to enter the nation, reside there, and actively engage in a variety of commercial endeavors.

Eligibility Criteria

The business in which the investment is made must have a valid trade license issued by the relevant authority in the UAE.

The applicant should either:

  • Own a company in the UAE Or
  • Hold a share in a partnership in the UAE.

The company should be actively operating and not just an entity on paper, periodic reviews might be conducted to ensure the company’s active status.

The applicant must have a clean criminal record in their home country and the UAE

Applicants must undergo a medical examination in the UAE and be free from contagious diseases.

Applicants must have valid health insurance coverage in the UAE.

Investor Visa Process in UAE

Specialised visa categories designed specifically for international businesspeople include the Partner Visa and the Investor Visa. Entrepreneurs who either currently own investments in the United Arab Emirates are eligible for the Investor Visa.

Business Setup or Investment

If you're setting up a new business, choose the legal structure (e.g., Limited Liability Company, Free Zone Establishment) and register your business with the relevant authority.
If you're investing in an existing business, ensure you have all the necessary agreements and documentation in place.

Gather Required Documents

Dubai Mainland is synonymous with lucrative investment opportunities. Companies established in Dubai Mainland hold registration with the Dubai Department of Economy and Tourism (DET) under the esteemed Dubai Mainland License.

Submit Visa Application

Fill in the visa application form and submit it, along with the required documents, to the appropriate immigration authority in the emirate where you've invested.

Licensing Assistance

Pay the necessary visa application fees. The exact amount can vary based on the emirate.

Visa Approval and Visa change status

Once approved, the visa status change must be applied or if the applicant is outside UAE, he/she must travel to UAE.

Undergo Medical Examination

All applicants for the Investor Visa are required to undergo a medical examination, which typically includes blood tests and a chest X-ray to screen for certain diseases.

Biometric Data Collection

Provide biometric data, including fingerprints and photographs, as part of the Emirates ID application process.

Visa stamping

Once approved, the digital visa stamp will be issued, indicating the visa type, duration, and other relevant details.

Sponsor Family Members (if applicable)

Once you have your Investor Visa, you can also apply for sponsor visas for your immediate family members.

Stay Informed

Always be aware of the visa's expiry date. Ensure you renew it on time or cancel it if you no longer require it.